Friday, August 6, 2010

What Camera Captured in Office

A hidden camera was installed in the Company premises and it observed the behavior of different employees. Here I present to you what all it captured.

  • Some employees were busy doing their work sincerely.
  • Some employees were busy in meetings, presentations and discussions.
  • Some are doing workouts in Gym or playing various games like Table Tennis, Football, and Volleyball.
  • Some celebrating and partying on occasion of birthdays, engagement, anniversaries etc.
  • Some gossiping, discussing family and personal matters.
  • Also there are few who use to ‘doing nothing’.
 So lets see what is captured in camera while looking at various employees.

The most happy, healthy and satisfied were those who were sincere and busy in doing their office work and also involved in some extracurricular activities like physical workouts or games or pursuing hobbies or nurturing some talent. Reason being that they kept themselves so busy throughout the day involved in various activities of their interest that there was hardly any time left for negative thoughts. Their day has been wonderful and enthusiastic.

And least happy were those who were in the category of ‘doing nothing’. They were those who complained and cursed the whole day about work, manager, colleagues, and company policies and so on. They didn’t even give any suggestions to improve the lacking that they noticed. They only complained to themselves. They had a very dull and non-enthusiastic day.

So then I realized that it is one’s own choice if he/she wants to make the day ’wonderful and enthusiastic’ or ‘dull and non-enthusiastic’.


Viradiya Hitesh said...

Hey Dhami, this is a scenario that happens everyday life but we want something that happens only few days of life. Anyway you captured good scenario so I would say "Keep yourself in doing something rather than doing nothing". Have a good day !!

Ravinder said...

u forget to mention one set of ppl in the office..... who r always busy writing in BLOGS ;-)

Gurpreet Dhami said...

Hey ! I write blogs while at home.
Its not that easy a task.

Sharoon Padmanabhan said...

Its d simple case of Keeping HANDS free, Mind full and hearts empty

priyanka said...

rytly said... :)
khaali dimaag shaitaan ka ghr.. :)