Friday, August 6, 2010

What Camera Captured in Office

A hidden camera was installed in the Company premises and it observed the behavior of different employees. Here I present to you what all it captured.

  • Some employees were busy doing their work sincerely.
  • Some employees were busy in meetings, presentations and discussions.
  • Some are doing workouts in Gym or playing various games like Table Tennis, Football, and Volleyball.
  • Some celebrating and partying on occasion of birthdays, engagement, anniversaries etc.
  • Some gossiping, discussing family and personal matters.
  • Also there are few who use to ‘doing nothing’.
 So lets see what is captured in camera while looking at various employees.

The most happy, healthy and satisfied were those who were sincere and busy in doing their office work and also involved in some extracurricular activities like physical workouts or games or pursuing hobbies or nurturing some talent. Reason being that they kept themselves so busy throughout the day involved in various activities of their interest that there was hardly any time left for negative thoughts. Their day has been wonderful and enthusiastic.

And least happy were those who were in the category of ‘doing nothing’. They were those who complained and cursed the whole day about work, manager, colleagues, and company policies and so on. They didn’t even give any suggestions to improve the lacking that they noticed. They only complained to themselves. They had a very dull and non-enthusiastic day.

So then I realized that it is one’s own choice if he/she wants to make the day ’wonderful and enthusiastic’ or ‘dull and non-enthusiastic’.

Give or Take First !

In any organization, there can be two modes of working.
1) Taking Mode of Working.
2) Giving Mode of Working.

Taking Mode of working: In this mode of working, everybody demands something from others before giving anything. Nobody wants to be ‘first’ to give.
As an example, take a few cases and observe how this mode works.
The CEO says to the employees, “Firstly give me results, and then only I will give your good perks”.
An employee says, “Firstly give us good perks, then only we will give good results and our loyalty”.
Human Resource Managers says to employees, “Firstly show us sincerity and enthusiasm and then we will take initiatives for your welfare”.

So in this working environment, everybody demands something before giving anything. As a result there exists the feelings of selfishness, complains, frustration, helplessness. This finally leads to unfriendly and non-cooperative working environment.

Giving Mode of working : Everybody wants to give first before demanding something from others.
As an example, take the same cases and observe how this mode works.
CEO would like to give something (e.g. good perks or assurance or hope or promising future) to employees before demanding their commitment and loyalty.
Employees would like to give their commitment and sincerity and good results before demanding good wages from the organization.
Human Resource Managers would like to take initiatives for the welfare of employees before firstly expecting their sincerity and enthusiasm.
As in this mode of working, everybody is contributing first and then demanding. Hence there is a feeling of happiness, sincerity, commitment. This finally leads to a friendly and cooperative environment where everybody happily works for benefit of each other.

Some people don't believe in giving first. So in such a deadlock situation. What should we do. Who should start giving first. Is it CEO or the managers or the employees?

Solution is that  Everybody starts giving simultaneously. As a result everybody will start getting simultaneously.

And hence the give and take equation remains balanced.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Don't dare to cross the red light area !

My sincere plea to all my friends and enemies: Please don't cross any red light area. Its very dangerous place and moreover one can suffer from serious injuries if not expert at it. Even more serious if you encounter some better performer than you at such a place.

Yeah ! I know, some of you have got filled up with different thoughts. So please hold your beautiful mind for a moment. I never meant to say anything of that sort.  Let me share an interesting story with you to explain what I exactly meant to say.

Once upon a time. On a fine pleasant evening,  A Punjabi family was getting ready to attend a marriage party. In that family was a young boy and his dad, mom and a younger sister.
" Dad ! Tell me one thing. Why do ladies always take so long to get ready. It has been more than two hours since mom and sister started their makeup activities.", said the boy.

"Oh boy!  Very rightly said. But it is a mystery man that only god knows. So don't get upset over it, just accept the fact and be happy. We cannot always complain about the things. Better make her aware of the situation and ask her to do it fast".
They finally left for the marriage party. While they were on the way, the boy came across a red light in 'Ram Mohan Chowk'. Chowk is a punjabi word which means 'four square'. Seeing the red light, Boy was about to apply brakes when his dad spoke out " Oye! Sher bann puttar(Be a lion son), keep going. I can take care of traffic policemen".
And they crossed the red light happily.
After going few kilometers, once again came the another Red light at 'Golf course Chowk".
"Why the hell we always encounter only red lights. That too when we are already getting late.  Why god is so unfair to us. ", said the boy.

Dad, "Shall I stop?"
"Why worrying son. Be a Lion. No one can stop us".
And they crossed the red light again happily.

Then a third chowk named "Income Tax Chowk" came and for a change this time it was a green signal. The boy was so happy and thankful to god for bringing green light on their way. He pressed the accelerator and speeded up........

Next day all their relatives arrived at hospital with fruits and flowers.
One lion(son) was lying with serious injuries at head.
Another lion(father) was lying with fractured bones.
Innocent mother and sister of these two brave lions were also suffering serious injuries.

Everyone wanted to know how it all happened.
The father shared the whole incident of crossing the red lights with them. Everyone was really surprised that when they crossed the red lights nothing happened to them but when they crossed green light then they reached the hospital.

So finally his father told them the reason that:
' While my son(lion) was crossing the green light, suddenly from nowhere another lion appeared crossing the red light from otherside.'
Moral of story:   
Don't try to be lion while breaking the traffic rules. Doing that you are motivating others also to become lions. That is surely going to cost you 
back one day.
      Most of us just break the rules out of ignorance or short term gain, without even realizing the consequences. Have you ever thought why at all there is any need for 'Red lights' on four square. Some of us think that if we have to follow the rules and discipline, then it takes away our very freedom. But this is wrong interpretation of discipline.

      In actual sense, discipline is meant to bring more and more freedom in our life.
      For example, consider two different scenarios:
      1. First scenario, Where no one follows the traffic signal. Everyone passes the four square at his free will, no matter if  it is red signal or green signal. So everyone is free to do anything but still no one is enjoying any freedom. Because In this case neither the people for green light are enjoying the freedom, nor the ones for red light. Everyone will be fearful while crossing the road.
      2. And the other scenario, Where there is a complete discipline, everyone follows the traffic signal. The people coming on green light are coming nonstop without any fear. So here everyone enjoys the freedom. When it is red light for you then you let others enjoy the freedom and when it is green light then you enjoy the freedom  as others also let you do that. This is only possible when we respect each others freedom.

      So concluding this I realized that the sole purpose of bringing discipline in our life is to bring more freedom and not to lose freedom. Though we can have the freedom without discipline also, But it will be temporary and will not last long.

      Wednesday, May 5, 2010

      Crazy bus wala. Aise hi fas gaya bechaara!

      After sleeping at 2' in the night, how could one manage to get up and catch the 8 am bus for office.
      That day I got up at 8.30. As my roommate leaves for his office at 9.30, So I asked him to drop me at Sector-82, on his way to office. Actually Sector-82 is half the distance to my office in Greater Noida, so the rest half I had to cover up by local bus.

      Finally got down at sector 82.
      "Thanks karan bhai. Have a good day", I said to my dear roomie.

      Oh my god ! Two private buses coming side by side at killer speed. They were racing and trying to pass each other to grab the maximum passengers.I didn't dare to enter either of these two buses. So thought of getting some govt. service bus.
      Yeah! Here it comes, the newly launched low floor green colored bus.
      "Will it go to LG Chowk", I asked the bus driver.
      "Yes. It will", He replied.

      I got in and and to my surprise got a seat also to sit. But before feeling happy about it, I looked up at the label if its a ladies seat or not. Because one need not be very happy sitting on ladies seat, reason being that it's quite possible that the next stop some lady enters and you have to surrender your so called 'lady'z seat
      '. I wondered why women can sit eveywhere in the bus but men can sit only on men'z seats.
      I asked myself, "Why at all there is a need for ladies reserved seats".
      And to my suprise when I got the answer, I was feeling ashamed of myself. It was I who was responsible for this. And lot of other Gurpreet Singh's like me.

      We men have misbehaved and caused so much inconvenience to the women. That such a situation has arisen. We never cared about feelings of wives and sisters of our other fellows before eve teasing and molesting.

      Had we respected their feeling, then there would not have been any need for such reservations.
      I wonder why we all cannot respect and love everybody on our own. Why do we arise a situation to impose such rules on us. Can't we all be responsible enough to erase the need of such rules. Just imagine how beautiful the world will be where everyone moves around with full freedom without any insecurity fom anyone.

      But anyways it was not a ladies seat in my case, so was very happy about it.
      I opened up my bag, got the ear plugs, connected to my iphone and here it plays my favorite song:
      " ek din aap yun humko mil  jaayene,
        phool hi phool raahon mein khil jaayenge,
        maine socha na tha ....."

      And the bus fnally stopped somewhere, I didn't know what bus stop it was. Everybody started getting down.
      "What happened bhai", I asked.
      "This is the last stop. Bus goes upto here only", said one of passenger.
       So I also got down as everyone else was. Suddenly realized that it was not LG chowk. But I had already inquired from driver for the LG Chowk before boarding into it.
      So I returned to the driver and got into the bus. There were only two people in big-big bus i.e. Driver and Me.
      I didn't say anything to him and kept looking into his eyes for few minutes.
      "Why did you do that to me bhai", I said.
      "Did I asked you or not if it goes to LG ".
      " Tell me why did you do that to me. This is your bus my brother, I cannot say anything to you. But atleast let me know the reason for your doing so".
      "I tried to keep my tone as polite as possible because I was not angry at all, rather I was surprised"
      I kept looking into his eyes expecting some answer.

      But instead he pressed some button on the panel near the steering and the bus door got closed.
      "What happened, why have you closed the door." I asked.
      "Sit sardar ji, I will drop you to LG", he said.

      I was not able to believe what he had said. But the bus was moving on. I was sitting alone in the newly launched big bus with the driver who was trying to get forgiveness, forgiveness for misleading me for getting me into his bus just to get the bus fare.
      The bus finally reached the LG Chowk. I crossed the road and entered the office.

      I dont know how it all happened. But it was another nice event in my life.

      Then i realized that, if I had engaged into arguments and started the blame game with him he would not have been nice to me. As someone has rightly said that "There is a nice person hidden in everybody". But in order to see that 'nice person' in others we have to firstly show the 'nice person' hidden in us.

      From that day onwards I consider everyone as 'Nice Person' and as a return everyone considers me 'Nice Person'.

      Hisaab Barabar ! Happy Happy !

      Sunday, April 18, 2010

      Maamu ! Shaktimaan mil gaya!!

      ts the title song of "Shaktimaan". Try to ponder upon the thought behind this song. You will realize the beauty.

      Yeh aatam shakti hai,
      dunia badal sakti hai,
      sholon ko dhal sakti hai,
      Hota hai jab aadmi ko apna gyan,
      kehlaya woh,
      Shaktimaan ..
      Shaktimaan ...Shaktimaaaaaaaaan ..Shaktimaan !!

      Being a big fan of my superhero 'shaktimaan', I use to dream if I could also get the capability of just swirling around and reaching whereever I wish to.
      But now I realize that each one of us has the capability of becoming Shaktimaan. Only thing we need to get is 'aatam shakti'. The word 'aatam shakti' is the actually hidden potential inside all of us. Once you awaken your hidden potential, then no one can stop you from doing anything, sky will only be the limt for you and beauty is that sky has no limit. 

      So finally I realized that Shaktimaan is the person:
      " Who can do anything of his wish, Who beleives in god, Who beleives in his capabilities, Who help those in need of him, Who loves everyone and is concerned about the mankind".

      That hidden potential is already there in everyone, But the moment you realize it, You will see a real shaktimaan inside you, the shaktimaan who had the potential and energy to fulfil all the dreams and wishes of your own self. Ans still some extra energy left over which can be used for the well being of rest of mankind.
      Lets all pray to that almighty to wake up our 'shaktimaan'.

      Friday, April 2, 2010

      Loneliness ! Noooooooo.. Not for me !!

      "Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self"

      Feeling lonely is very common to all of us. There are times when we feel extremely alone and restless and yearn for our dear ones to come around. We try to get them to our rescue but it doesn't work, then finally we feel helpless and depressed being lonely. These moments make you remember those people who enrich your life with their presence. So these moments have got their own significance in your life. But when all your efforts fail to get someone and when you realize that you are restless and depressed, then you need to take appropriate steps to get rid of this state of mind.
      Firstly remember that it is not possible to have your loved ones with you all the time. And secondly that you have to live each and every moment of your life to the fullest and in the state of happiness. No matter how worst happens in life, still:
      • Happiness is important.
      • Happiness is desirable.
      • Happiness is possible.
      Now that you are not able to get someone's company to get rid of loneliness, then why not get and enjoy the company of your ownself.

      We can consider the loneliness as the state when we are totally free to do anything that we wish to do and that too without any interruption by anyone and moreover without any opinion from anyone. And if we just try to recall that there are so many things that we generally want to do but keep postponing because of not being alone. So we can convert these moments of loneliness while getting engaged in those activities which fulfill our long pending wishes .
      And you will realize that doing this, you can convert the so called miserable moments of loneliness into the memorable moments of joy and happiness.

      I have listed down few of the activities that we all can do in loneliness. However you can also suggest some creative way of time pass.
      1. Reading this blog is ofcourse the best time pass for you.
      2. Call and have a talk with your mom, dad, brother, sister, cousins. Try not to call up your girlfriend/boyfriend because generally thats the origin for your loneliness.
      3. Shuffle through phone book and call up some of your very old friend and have a chat.
      4. Listening to your favorite music.
      5. Singing. Just sing whatever are your favorite tracks are.
      6. Dance practice.
      7. Poetry, painting, sketching etc...
      8. Watch your favorite channel on TV.
      9. gtalk or yahoo messenger. Chat with old school/college friends.
      10. Orkut, Facebook and other social networking.
      11. Go out for a walk in the colony or market. ... etc. ... etc.

      So I hope by now you know what you have to say if next time you come across loneliness:-

      "Loneliness ! Noooooooo.. Not for me !!

      Happiness @Rs 10

      I learnt another wonderful tactics of being happy. Just wanted to share it with you. It costs only Rs 10 per day.

      "Your happiness is directly proportional to the number of people whom you can make happy". If you make five people happy, then your own happiness will be the total sum of happiness of all five.

      That afternoon of Good Friday, I went to my friend's place to help him in shifting to new house. It must be around 2 PM then. I was standing near the parking place. Suddenly a rickshaw wala came nearby, pulling a bulky aunty and her healthy son. I could see his face and feel how difficult it had been for him pulling these two together and that too in such scorching heat at daytime in delhi summers.
      Reaching the destination, he was waiting for his reward money for the effort that he has put up in pulling them. The lady opened up her purse and gave him Rs 20/-. He pleaded that " mem sahib, it is 15Rs per person pulling from that place. So no less that 30 will go".
      In reply to this, The lady Said, " Oye ! 20 is fine. Take it or you will not get even this much. Got down and started walking with prestige as if she had won the World Cup of bargaining".
      He must be thinking, " Why do these rich pleople always remain so poor".

      As I could not hold myself so I called him up " Bhaiya Ji, Idhar aayenge zara". I gave him Rs 10 from my purse. And asked him that " Now that you have got your Rs 30. Hope you are happy. He was surprised at this very act. He was wondering why I am bothered for his happiness.
      I was smiling from inside that he dont know but I was rather bothered about my own happiness than his. Thats why I did that. How could I feel happy till someone else is feeling sad in front of me. And if I am then I don't consider myself a human.

      And I came back home happily n more happily with the satisfaction of 'Performing today's good deed". It just costed me Rs 10, And in return I got a satisfaction, a happiness, and something priceless- A blessing.

      At that moment I decided to do something like this every day, Finally it would cost me Rs 300/Month ( Just 0.6% of my monthly salary). In return will bring me so many priceless things.

      "Not a bad deal at all man. Go for it", I said to myself.

      I think such an act requires one to feel the abundance of resources(money in this case) which one got because of God's grace.
      That landlady must be having crores of rupees in her account but still could not feel the abundance. She still could cheat someone merely for ten rupees. She never realize that this Rs 10 won't make much difference to her Crores. But counts a lot for someone whose family's that day meal could be affected because of this Rs 10.
      I wonder why do people accumulate so much wealth if they don't want to feel how much they have. They keep on accumulating and accumulating and finally leave this world empty handed without even realizing and enjoying the abundance of it.

      Thats why I always beg from my God that if you give me so much of resources, then also give me the courage to feel the abundance of those.
      I must tell you that one only need a breath and food to keep alive, rest all should be considered as abundance and should be reason for your 'Happiness